Places Which You Must Visit In Mongolia Before You Die

Mongolia is well known for it’s rich and amazing culture and traditions while sampling the modern way of life. Mongolia is a place filled with history and some very amazing scenery, which provides an unmatched and unique experience.

Here are some best places which you must definitely visit in Mongolia before you die.

Rock Carvings on Yinshan Mountains

This is one of the largest rock craving and painting sites in Mongolia. The paintings and carvings are based on the themes of day to day life activities of the prehistoric nomads. You will find a lot of paintings of animals such as goat, argali, sheep, foxes, and rabbits. These vivid rock carvings provide a clear picture of how the ancient people used to live.

Western Mongolia

The western side of Mongolia is termed to be one of the most stunning, but less traveled places.It caters some very rare breed of wild animals, ethnic communities, and snowcapped mountains. The local residents of Kazakh are known for their generosity and hospitality.

Amarbayasgalant Monastery

This is one of the major monasteries in Mongolia which represents great craftsmanship and creative work of the 17th century. Mostly, all the old monasteries have been destroyed, so the restoration of this particular monastery was so viral in order to preserve the history of this area.

Orkhon Valley

Orkhon valley is a cultural landscape which consists of a rich history and represents the traditions of nomadic pastoral communities which spanned here for over 2 millennia. If you wish to learn about the culture of the local people and understand their traditions, then this is a must visit place.

Genghis Khan Statue

The Genghis Khan Statue complex is currently the largest equestrian statue both in Mongolia and the whole world. This statue is located near Ulaanbaatar and it consists of a lot of souvenir shops, restaurants and an area of recreation.


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Insanely Awesome Facts About Mongolia

Mongolia is a beautiful country which lies between central Asian and Serbia on the north and China on the south. The name came from Mongol a small tribe whose leader was Ghengis Khan who began his conquest in the 13th century which encompassed an enormous empire which stretched from Asia to Europe.

We have here brought you some amazing facts about this landlocked country.

Dating back to 2000 years back Chinese history which records periodic attacks and plunders of its farmlands and towns of China which were raided by the tribes from the west which led to the construction of the Great Wall. But very few know that the Great Wall of China lies in Inner Mongolia during the 14t century.

The capital of Mongolia is Ulaanbaatar and it is the largest city also. A huge 131 foot statue of Ghenghis Khan lies on the steppe about an hour’s drive from Ulaanbaatar.

The official language of Mongolia is Mongolian but other languages are also spoken there which includes Turkic and Russian.

On the basis of an estimate in 2011 97.4% of the total Mongolian population is literate. In Mongolia there was a time when education was managed by Buddhist monasteries and only monks used to have access of it. But today, Mongolia consists of 178 colleges, universities and teacher training colleges, out of which 42 are public.

Mongolia has a parliamentary system of government. Recent president of Mongolia, taskhiagiin Elbegdroj has attended the University Of Colorado at Boulder and harvard University in the U.S.

The ethnic makeup of the people of Mongolia caters 94.9% mongol, 5% Turkic, and 0,1% other.

Religions prevailing in Mongolia: 53% Buddhist Lamaist. 35 Islam, 2.2% Christian, 2.9% Shamanist, 0.4 % other, 38.6 none.

Natural resources in Mongolia include: wheat, barley,vegetables, forage crops, sheep goats, cattle, camels, and horses.